Votecast Episode 18: 2001 A Kenji and Abe Odyssey from Abe Massry on Vimeo.


  1. "I don't watch that much TV anymore".... But I still watch netflix, hulu, DVD Boxed sets of TV Show Seasons... isn't that still TV? Also Simpsons Post the "who shot Mr. Burns dual episode", may have been forgettable, but that's because there was so much drama as to when their last season was supposed to be. That really felt like that season should've been the "first" last season. And people just gravitated towards South Park... later on Family guy. Also agree with Kenji, I love Family guy, for what it is. A never-ending string of pop-culture jokes, heavily influenced by late 80s-early 90s era, which means a lot to me... even still I can miss a few episodes (to half a season) of Family guy and still feel like I didn't miss out. I can always catch up later on. However, South Park to me really found a way to keep it's audience by not only doing what the Simpsons and Family Guy has done, that is: be edgy, reference pop culture, satirize society but at the same time keep its relevancy by discussing things that are of the time, things that are happening now. Anyways, will still watch Simpsons, still like Family Guy, But LOOOOOOVE me some south Park. Derp dee derp derrrr! Also excited for their broadway show, which I will prolly watch and will prolly be 100 times better than American Idiot.