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Best router I've used

I got this router a while ago, loaded tomato firmware on here. It's still working really well, and this price is better then I paid for it. I'm thinking about buying another one.

Easy to use and wash

I was looking for a glass bottle for on the go use, and one that was dishwasher safe. This fits all the requirements I had. I will comment on how it does with retaining temperature and also condensation when I try out those. Ordered from bamboobottleco arrived on time and works.

Great movie that still holds up

I really liked this movie back in the day and if you go watch it again, it's still funny.

Good game, maybe not for me though

It was kinda fun. But it came out a few years ago. They just made it free so thats why I tried it. It wasnt engrossing for me but I didnt start with a guild or anything. It has good linux wine support so I can run it. I would like to give it another shot.

A great beginner guitar

I bought this guitar (or one exactly like it) a few years ago and it is a great beginner guitar. I wanted to learn to play bass and it sounds great, it's easy to tune, and it's the right size.

Does exactly what it says

It produces juice, it gets a lot of juice out of a fruit or vegetable. The problems I had with it are: its really loud, its very big, while it's not difficult to clean, its not very easy either. And I don't really use it often enough. I got it as a gift and at first I was really into it. But the hassle and difficulty to use has kept me from using it more often. That being said the juice it produces when you are finally done is delicious.